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Now offering warehousing services!

Three years ago OPTVIA expanded by opening a 50,000 square foot warehouse in Guelph, Ontario. This is

in addition to our more than fifteen years in the transportation and logistics industry.  Our central location in

Guelph, Ontario allows us to provide limitless warehousing capacity to all of our customers, all over the world

and is easy to get to from all major highways in Ontario. OPTVIA provides a complete solution for all of

your company’s warehouse and supply chain needs. We manage all of your logistical needs with expertise on

vendor compliance and accurate fulfilment.

At OPTVIA, we can offer:

  • Short and long-term storage in our 50,000 square foot warehouse.

  • Pick and pack.

  • Reverse logistics processing.

  • Crossdock, transloading, and flow distribution.

  • LTL consolidation and de-consolidation.

  • Bar-coding, re-packaging, labelling, and quality control.

  • Yard management.

  • Load building.

  • Kitting.

  • Other value added services as needed.


Our highly experienced staff is here to manage your warehousing, logistical, and shipping needs with accuracy, accountability, attention to detail, and personalised  service.

At OPTVIA Logistics and Warehousing Inc; we are truly, “Your Partner in Transportation”.

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Brokerage Client

“I depend on OPTVIA daily; they are big enough to handle all of my shipping needs, yet small enough to truly care. They have never let me down.” – Jamie C.

Brokerage Client:

“OPTVIA is an outstanding supplier, they exceed our expectation and provide an excellent customer service. They meet all our shipping needs and they are always willing to help and provide the best service, which allows us to meet our goals to our customers.” – Claudia R.

Brokerage Client:

“I look for two things: a high standard of work and good communication. I have always worked with the OPTVIA Logisitics team for the past four years and they have always been able to meet our shipping needs with exceptional service and willing to go the extra mile…saving me time and money.” – Roxanna R.

Warehousing and Brokerage Client:

“OPTVIA is the best carrier that I deal with. Any problems with a shipment, they are very hands-on to get problems sorted before the shipment arrives to our customer.” – Lianne Y.

Warehousing and Brokerage Client:

“…the more critical the shipment, the more I can depend on OPTVIA to get the job done. Fast, friendly service, at all hours of the day.” – Vanessa K.